Number of wind turbines is growing

and we need more competent people to work there. Global Wind Organization is a non-profit body that has been started by leading wind power manufacturers and operators. GWO strives for a harmless work environment in the wind power industry. In order to achieve this, it has set industry-common and international standards for the training of safety and emergency procedures. GWO training modules are industry standard allowing participants to acquire, use and renew their skills anywhere in the World. We call GWO certificates “driving license for a wind turbine” and try to bring all our competence for the people working there.

Toholampi training facility has started in February 2023 in premises of former Artesaaniopisto. We have started with GWO BST modules and now also provide ART (advanced rescue) modules. Our work is coordinated with Cresto Group in Sweden and all instructors are Level 3s in Cresto system. Our training records show in WINDA system. We have passed GWO audit and are official training provider.

Trainer experience is from 2014 and together we have over 40 years of wind turbine experience – not just training exercises, but hard work inside and outside in large number of modern wind turbines across Finland, Baltics and other EU states.




  • Work at Height (WAH)
  • First Aid (FAI)
  • Manual Handling (MAH)
  • Fire Awareness (FAW)
  • Sea Survival (not offered in Toholampi)

Presently BST modules are required nearly at all wind turbine sites from any personnel working with turbines. In some cases Finnish First Aid and Hot Works trainings might still be accepted, but we strongly recommend to use training focusing on the wind turbine related specific issues delivered by the professionals working in the field.


  • Nacelle, tower and basement rescue (NTB)
  • Hub, spinner, inside blade rescue (HSB)
  • Single-handed NTB (SH NTB)
  • Single-handed HSB (SH HSB)
  • Combined ART (all modules in 3 days)

ART training is required for professionals working in hard-to-reach parts of wind turbines, single-handed parts providing skills needed for rescue without external assistance or before it reaches accident location. BST is a pre-requisite.