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Feodor Gurvits

Director, instructor, commercial contracts
+358 40 358 1413

Oleksii Dzivaltovskyi

Instructor, designer,
HSE specialist
+358 40 151 3453

Juho Kemppainen

PPE specialist
+358 44 768 8988

Jukka-Pekka Tuikka

PPE specialist
+358 50 530 6376

Maija Hjelmroos

Coordinator, accommodations etc.
+358 40 15052120

Training facility is operated by Airice Oy, specialist company focusing on wind power, registered to Toholampi, Finland and delivering services since 2009.



  • Co-funded by the European Union

    Development work of this project has received funding from EU’s EAKR and JTF sources. This founding has enabled fast development work using both domestic and international expertese in setting up a competent training facility in Toholampi.