Work at Height (WAH)


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    Jun 26 - 27 2023


    9:00 am - 5:00 pm



    Work at Height (WAH)

    We work in high places, use special equipment to do it safely, and shall be able to both help others and rescue ourself in case of serious problems. There are no ambulances driving to 160 meters!

    Work at height consists of:

    Theoretical part – legislation, roles and responsibilities, risk management and main rules of fall protection.

    Study of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPEs) commonly used in the industry, including daily check requirements.

    Practical exercises, starting from basic rules of climbing and continuing through rescue exercises into rescue scenarios exercised at height under instructor’s close supervision.

    Target group: all workers of wind power industry who need to perform tasks inside turbines, at least 18 years, max. weight including PPEs 140 kg, normal physical condition, no acute illnesses preventing physical exercise.

    • Prerequisites: None
    • Course duration: 16 hours (2 days); refresh 1 day (can be combined with Manual Handling refresh) 
    • Validity: 2 years
    • Participants per instructor: 4
    • Own equipment: not required, but can be used if suitable and valid inspections