Manual Handling (MAH)


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    Jun 28 2023


    8:00 am - 12:00 pm



    Manual Handling (MAH)

    Some of the works in turbines are heavier than others and still, they need to be done. Inappropriate working position – only once, or repetitive, will cause pain, loss of working ability and can be avoided. We teach how!

    Manual Handling course consists of:

    Theoretical part – laws and company procedures, anatomy, hazards, injuries; lifting aids and planning of tasks

    Practical exercises – posture, heavy lifts, lifting aids and planning of lifting tasks

    Target group: all workers of wind power industry who need to perform tasks inside turbines, at least 18 years, normal physical condition, no acute illnesses preventing physical exercise.

    • No Prerequisites
    • Course duration: 4 h (1/2 day), refresh 1/2 day
    • Validity: 2 years
    • Participants per instructor: 6
    • Own equipment: not required, but can be used if participants want to practice using lifting aids provided to them in their daily work environment.