First Aid (FAI)


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    Sep 28 2023


    8:00 am - 4:00 pm



    First Aid (FAI)

    Knowledge of potential injuries and illnesses helps to plan our work properly. We are not medics, but up in the turbines we will have to estimate the situation, call for help and support casualty until medical help arrives. Knowing “what and how” helps also in the daily routines elsewhere and allows correct reaction when unexpected things happen!

    Fire Awareness course consists of:

    Theoretical part – legislation, roles and responsibilities, anatomy, symptoms and diseases, minor and major injuries, first aid actions.

    Practical exercises – L-ABCDE according to GWO, first aid equipment and solutions.

    Simulated scenarios – our speciality is a full day of exercises that puts together knowledge gained from all four BST modules into practical applications, exercised and improvised ones. Each rescue is supervised by our experienced instructor and analysed in group afterwards. This is THE part that put parts together and helps to build teams and understand, how people act in stress situations!

    Target group: all workers of wind power industry who need to perform tasks inside turbines, at least 18 years, normal physical condition, no acute illnesses preventing physical exercise.

    • No Prerequisites
    • Course duration: 16 h (2 days), refresh 1 day
    • Validity: 2 years
    • Participants per instructor: 6